What Are You Implying, Ellura Intimate?

Who on earth created these ads?

First of all, I want to say that I understand targeting any/all women on Facebook & Instagram for this product, but still, I am personally offended that this post was “suggested” to me. What are you implying about me? Why are you talking to me about a medical matter in such lack of class? And to clarify, my legs & skirt have never caught fire.

Let’s dive into why these ads are so awful to me:

  1. The alliteration of “below-the-belt bacteria” makes me cringe.
  2. “Shackin’ up in your bladder” – who use’s the phrase “shackin’ up” anymore?!
  3. “Plan on burning passion, not a burning UTI” – cue eye roll.
  4. “Pregame with [us]” – sorry, I only pregame with alcohol, not drugs.
  5. “Wing woman” – my wing woman is my BFF who is always down to fend off annoying, aggressive dudes. Wish my wing woman was here to defend me against these awful ads.

All in all, this sounds like it was written by a teenage boy that just found out what UTI’s are…

Maybe Ellura Intimate came to their senses and recently fired their teenage boy marketer, because a few days after I saw these, I was shown this professional, legitimate, polished ad for this product. Way to learn, Ellura! Maybe all the comments on the “fire skirt” ad steered you in the right direction.

xoxo – the mean one

PS: Happy Friday; have a safe and wonderful new year!