5 SEO tips you can follow right now

SEO is an art as much as a science. For certain tactics of search engine optimization, technical knowledge is needed. For example ensuring your website is crawlable, creating sitemaps, ensuring your site loads fast and more. We’ll leave those for another time.

There are other SEO strategies that you can do right now and that don’t require any technical skills.

What are you waiting for?

5 SEO strategies you can implement right now

1. Write quality content

Write unique content that is helpful to your readers. Research your topics before you write anything. Ensure your content is credible and cite sources. Engage your readers with great content so that they want to read more of what you have to say. This will decrease your bounce rate (when a reader leaves your site from the same page that they entered without engaging with your content) and it will increase time on site. Both, bounce rate (low) and time on site (high) are signals to search engines that you have quality content.

2. Readable Content & Images

Make your blog post easy to read by breaking it up in chunks with sub-headlines, bullet lists and short paragraphs. People can digest images faster than words, so use images that complement your content. You can add a statistic or a point you are trying to make into an image or create infographics.

3. Internal linking

Show related content from your blog post. Link to previous posts that you have written that are related or have complementary content. This will keep readers engaged with your site and they will stay longer on your site, decreasing bounce rate and increasing time on site.

4. External linking

To prove that you are an expert and that your site can be trusted, link to trusted sources. By trusted sources I mean experts in the field, Wikipedia, reputable news sites. Check out the Domain Authority of these sites. Ensure they have a high Domain Authority.

5. Social Sharing

Share your content on social media. But also make sure your content is shareable by having quality content with an attention-grabbing headline (but not clickbait!). Then have social sharing buttons on your site to make it easy for people to share on their social media. Having many people share your content provides another sign to the search engines that you have highly relevant content.

You can use all of these SEO strategies right away. No coding needed. No technical knowledge needed, just better writing and linking.

Do you have another quick SEO tip that can easily be implemented right away?