I am not a Millennial, but I am not old, Taboola!

OK, I know I am not a Millennial, but I am not old, Taboola!

Audience targeting is hard. Yeah, no, it’s not! Most programmatic and ad platforms have become pretty nifty in gathering user data (do I dare mention Facebook and their recent “problem”…). Demographic data is pretty much par for the course.

So why then when I was sipping a glass of wine after a hard day’s work (yeah yeah, it may have been the second glass, who is counting…), do I get presented with these ads?

I am not old, Taboola! I am insulted!

Actually, I am insulted as a person who is nowhere near age-wise in this target group. But I am also insulted as a marketer. This isn’t hard! It’s demographic data. It’s easy! Targeting a demographic is so 1999 and we can do so much better!

Taboola claims on their website:

Taboola’s user data tools allow publishers and marketers to focus on the right audiences, while the predictive recommendation engine maximizes engagement through machine-learning algorithms.


I call BS on this.

Granted, the mistake could have been made by the advertiser (some stairlift company), but Taboola should have helped the advertiser to get demographic targeting right as a bare minimum. That’s why advertising platforms have account managers.

As a marketer you can be damn sure that I won’t be putting my marketing budget towards Taboola.

I need another glass of wine (yes, it’s the third one, stop counting!)

I am not old!!!