Twitter thinks The Grumpy Marketer is a boy

We do like to point out the obvious and then peeing our pants laughing.

So, Twitter thinks The Grumpy Marketer is a boy.

I could go into a long feminist tirade now, but I am still lying on the floor laughing…

Now granted, our group of marketers does include a boy, but we don’t let him touch Twitter. So where does Twitter get the signals of gender for our account? Does following Elon Musk and Richard Branson mean we can’t be girls? Is Digital Marketing a boys’ club after all and we just didn’t notice? Does our current image not show a lady? I am intrigued as much as I am confused.

Take this as a warning if you run ads on Twitter: Twitter doesn’t know gender. Don’t try demographic targeting on Twitter!

So you want to know why I am still laughing hysterically?

Twitter doesn’t just think we are any boy. Looks like Twitter thinks The Grumpy Marketer is a very metrosexual man:

Now apparently, Jeep didn’t get the message that The Grumpy Marketer is a metrosexual man and went full out on their macho Jeep ad.

TGM-man (2)

Also, random fact, Easter was 2 weeks ago…

If any of you readers know how Twitter determines gender, let us know. We are seriously curious.

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