Why is tele-portation more likely than a round earth?

I know, right?!

A group of flat-earth believers convened in the UK at the end of April. Why do I know about it, you may ask and rightfully so. My social media feeds got bombarded with the funniest comments.

It got me thinking. (don’t worry!)

What the heck are flat-earthers?

Flat-earth believers believe that the earth is flat rather than a globe.

Flat-earthers have several theories on what the flat earth looks like and why we don’t fall off on the edges. One theory is, there is an ice wall. Another theory is that of a dome, kind of like The Truman Show.

But the most interesting theory – and the one that got the most comments – is this: when you reach the edge of the flat earth, you are being tele-ported to the other side of the earth, kind of like in a Pac-Man game: as you reach the right edge, the game continues on the left edge.

More on this theory (by real scientists): https://www.livescience.com/62454-flat-earthers-explain-pac-man-effect.html

I do think tele-portation as a mode of transportation would be pretty awesome. But sadly it’s not real (yet). But my real question:

How is tele-portation more likely to flat-earthers than that our earth is a globe?

Disturbingly enough, some flat-earthers traveled to the UK on a plane. Did they keep their eyes closed? I also want to ask them how it feels to be tele-ported.

You know, I watched the movie Jumper (don’t judge – “I was young” is my excuse, what’s yours?) and if I remember correctly, every time you tele-port, you lose a little bit of yourself. Weird stuff with molecules and all. Obviously, the science in the movie must have been real.

Now every time I fly over the edge of the earth I’ll be thinking of being eaten by Pac-Man. Thank you, flat-earthers! By the way, where exactly is the edge?

Anyway, I am already wasting too much time and energy thinking about this. I believe flat-earthers just need some attention. Maybe give them a hug next time you see one…