An unfortunate brush with sexism (again)

Dear Barnes & Noble,

I like you. I really do.

On days when I just need a break form the real world, I like to come visit and spend hours browsing your vast amount of bookshelves. I always find something new and interesting to take home. I discovered many great authors in your stores. You give me comfort. You give me wisdom.

And there is no better Sunday than sitting on my patio with a freshly brewed cup of coffee and a book in my hand.

But how was I disappointed the other day.

You see, one of my friends had a baby girl. Such a joyous occasion. So I came to visit one of your stores to find a congratulatory card.

Now, Barnes & Noble, did you know that you have 12 – TWELVE – greeting card slots for baby boys, but only 6 – SIX – for baby girls?

I gasped.

I couldn’t believe you would let me down this much. Are baby girls less important to you? Do baby boy cards sell better? Do less people buy baby girl cards than baby boy cards? Seems unlikely to me, but hey I didn’t do any research on this.

From where I stand, you, my beloved book store, are gender biased and are advancing sexism. Maybe this was only one store and this is not your policy. I hear you. But none of your stores should display such blatant sexism.

A baby girl should enter the world happy and not be subject to sexism at this early age. Luckily, this baby girl is too small to know and understand, and hopefully by the time she is old enough to understand, you, my beloved book store, will have no-nonsense rules in place for all your book stores to not be sexist.

Please act fast on this. The world needs you to step up.

Sincerely yours.