RTIC Coolers: Bad Ad or Genius Ad?

You’ve thought of an ad idea. You spoke to creative, even filled out your creative brief. They made you an Instagram sized ad image, the perfect dimensions. Cool, hipster looking photo with not too much text on it. Slapped a logo on it.

You’re ecstatic.

A NEW AD! Perfect, conversions are going to spike. You just know it. You smile as you hit that beautiful, blue button: PUBLISH.

But what you’re not expecting is over 200 comments talking about something that has NOTHING AT ALL to do with your product. Now, where did you go wrong?




Scrolling through Instagram, this ad literally made me do a double take. Did they just say that? Was that an IT reference? Did they mean to do that? I quickly checked the comments to see if I was alone in this thought process. I wasn’t.

Nearly every-single-one of those 223 comments referenced IT and that one particular famous line from the movie.


So how did everyone on social media hop on this right away – see the similarities and the reference, but no one in the RTIC Coolers marketing department caught it? Or, were they possibly doing a play on this phrase to get people talking about their product? All comments are good comments, right?

Well, we may never know RTIC Coolers’ real intention, but maybe you’ll get a laugh out of this situation like I did. #WeFloatToo