Hmm, What Is “Native”, Gary V??

I just want to preface this with saying that I like books. Mostly all books. I like reading. I like the smell of books, new and old, and feeling the pages between my fingers. With every book, you know what to expect. Reading in English, you read left to right, you understand the language and grammar, and you start to get a feel of the author’s tone.

Go do me a favor though: go find a book, open it and tell me what you see. Even, look at this article, and tell me how it’s formatted. One column right? We are used to reading one line across the page. That’s what is native, natural for us to read, either online or hard copy.

What I find so incredibly ironic though, is that Gary V, a social media mogul, wrote and published a wildly successful book, formatted with TWO COLUMNS. Each time I open this book, my eyes try to read across the columns, completely disregarding the space between the columns. It’s like I have to train myself to read each time I start a new line. It’s not natural for the reader to read like this.

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Even more ironically, the book itself states:

…many companies just don’t take the time to learn the platform’s native ways before throwing content on it.


Gary, how did this get past you that you threw a wrench into everyone’s natural reading style, just so your book could have two columns?! You specifically mention learning the platform’s ways and then blatantly disregard that advice to yourself.

Anyway, I couldn’t get through this book because the formatting annoyed me so much. Yes, it’s a simple thing. But you wouldn’t format a Facebook ad in two columns, now would you? Maybe Gary would…

Stay grumpy. With love,
The Mean One