In which galaxy would you like to advertise?

I get a lot of cold call emails every day. I mean A. LOT.

Most of them go straight to my spam folder and If I’d hazard a guess, I’d say I now get more spam emails than actual work emails. Think of that for a minute…

We get inundated with cold call emails. I wonder if they really work. To be honest, I can’t imagine they do. But copy & paste is easy to do, so maybe it’s a numbers game for the agencies and vendors. Copy & paste is also cheap, so if someone responds it was a cheap acquisition for the agency. However, it’s actually not cheap. Once you add up the time of productivity lost of every recipient considering whether to read or delete. But I digress…

A while ago I received the following email from someone wanting to do business with our company:

Would you be available to have a conversation? I would like to discuss a marketing partnership, for lead generation and acquisition. We are xxx [name removed], a leading performance based company with a lot of experience in financial services; reaching about 300 billion people every month.

Did you see the problem?

reaching about 300 billion people every month

Last time I checked there were just a little bit fewer people on this planet. Currently estimated at 7.7 billion (Wikipedia | world population) to be exact.

This obviously got my attention. So, I reached out to the person who sent the email to politely point out the error he made (confusing actual people with site visits – and most likely vastly exaggerating on site visits, too, but I kept that to myself). And jokingly I added: “Which galaxy do you target?”

Unfortunately, the person got rather defensive and aggressive. I therefore would like to give free advice to all agency people and others who send out cold call emails:

If you make an error in your cold call email and someone responds to point this out to you and tries to help you not look stupid, (1) be grateful, and (2) you have their attention, so use it wisely. Say Thanks and ask them if they want to learn more about your service. They already noticed you, so you are more likely to get a yes from them.

Just saying.

And don’t forget to buy them coffee.